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Safety by Choice Not by Chance

Construction sites are usually busy places and often have different trades working side by side with each trying to get their part of the ‘jigsaw’ completed as efficiently as possible. In such an environment, individual and collective worker safety, and in some locations, the public, is vital.

Contech Site Safety Access focuses on providing products that help to create a safer construction site for everyone. From edge protection to safe loading platforms, your safety is our priority.

We can rely on Contech SSA as their approach aligns with ours in delivering projects safely, professionally and on time

Case Studies

Case study cover

Central Hotel, Dublin

Ireland’s first Hoxton Hotel is to open at the site of the Central Hotel on Dublin’s Exchequer Street. The former Central Hotel will re-open for business...

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Case study cover

Apple HQ Office Extension, Cork

Apple Operations Europe Limited who have been headquartered for over 40 years in Co. Cork are currently expanding their operations with the construction of a...

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Our partners

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Build with Care

We believe in working smarter not harder, but not at the expense of your safety. Our core values and strengths as set out below encapsulate this concept:

Constant Innovation – safety basics don’t change but the technology used to secure your safety does.

Continued Learning –
we don’t simply rely on our experience, we continue to learn & adapt.

Efficient Delivery –
good stock levels & speedy delivery = no compromise on safety.

Tried & Trusted –
our name might be new but we’ve worked with our suppliers for over 20 years.